Tips For Dealing With Group Therapy Sessions

In a typical situation you will have a one on one conversation with your therapist. In this situation you may feel more comfortable bringing up topics and releasing feelings than you would in a group session.  In a group session you are dealing with a lot of people sharing their life stories and personal details.  If you deal with group therapy in austin, tx, you will want to follow a few rules that are not generally applied in a private session.

No Judgment

When in a group situation you don’t want to be judgmental.  If you feel that someone is not dealing with a situation correctly or in the same way that you would deal with it then maybe give them a bit of positive advice or tell them a story that they can relate to with a solution that you came up with.

Listen more than talk

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In therapy it is always good to sit and listen more than talk.  Yes, many people want to talk and get their issues addressed or resolved, however, focusing on yourself isn’t the main purpose of a group session.  When in a group session you are going to be around likeminded and other people who are in similar situations. When you listen, you might get a bit of information or an idea that you can apply to your situation.

Arrive on time

You don’t want to walk in on a session that is already in progress.  If you do this, then you could break up the flow and discourage someone from starting their story again. In most group sessions the doors are locked to prevent such a situation, however, you may come across some situations like this so just be prepared.

It will be okay

Finally, everything will be okay.  Just go to your sessions and participate.  Eventually you will fall into a pattern that will move you forward towards your ultimate goals.